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Our Program

We are very pleased to announce we are returning to in-person sessions starting January 2024. The 2024 course is filled. Registration for 2025 will open in the spring.
The course will consist of four in-person weekends over the course the year, the final one being the first weekend in October. These sessions are held in Maine. Between weekends there will be monthly video conference-based sessions for continued learning and sharing. The weekends begin on Friday evening and go to Sunday afternoon. Tentative months for the weekends will be January, April, June, August, and October.

Druid College – Acolyte to Priest

The Druid College offers a three-year program in crafting sacred relationship. Our course is a path of awakened celebration and service to the land, the people, and the Divine; by which we hope to guide the apprentice to be a priest of Nature.

Committing to the three-year program isn’t necessary to begin. The decision to continue study is done year to year.

The three-year priesthood training is outlined below. Click the link for each year for more detailed descriptions. More information regarding the nature of the training can be provided upon inquiry.

Year One of the Apprenticeship (read more…)
“Reweaving the Broken Connection to the Land”

Year one studies include:

Core principles and teachings of Druidry, Living with Honour, Mud roots and Blood roots, Animism and the Spirits of Place, Listening and Druid meditation, Awen and the cycle of creativity, Working with the Nemeton, Storytelling and the Poetic arts, The Cycle of Life and the “Wheel of the Year”, Working with the Gods/Deity, Anarchism and the end of Submission, Emotions and “riding the energies”

Year Two of the Apprenticeship (read more…)
“Shapeshifting and in the Arts of Transformation”

Year two studies include:

The Awakened Life; Ritual Trance Induction, Crafting Sacred Ritual; Healing; Prophecy and the Seer; Defining what is meant by Applied Inspiration in Service; Ethical Leadership; Bridge-building as Peacework; Preparations for Declaring your “Chair”

Year Three:  Practicum (read more…)

Mastering Year One and Year Two material;
Leading of all practices and rituals as taught at the College;
Declaring your “Chair” and manifesting it locally;
Purposeful Sharing in Community;
Ritual of Ordination