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Year One

Reweaving our Broken Connection to the Land and our Ancestors

We begin with a deep dive into the core principles of Druidry. The course will cover the three aspects of druid training, exploring the gifts and crafts of the Bard, Ovate, and Druid. Each core craft works to reweave our soul connection to our ancestors and the land we live in. The goal is not to make every person a druid, but to learn how to craft a sacred relationship to the land, the people, and the Divine. This is the beginning of the path, not the end.

The first year will provide the student many tools to explore the world around them, helping regain that sense of wonder we had as children, dancing in the beauty of Nature, running through the world guided by our curiosity. Using the four elements as our framework for the year, we guide the student in how to work intimately with Nature, how to craft a deeper, more wakeful relationship to the Earth. Using tools from Druidry, we wake up our soul. We learn to listen with our entire being. Reweaving our connection to the land and our personal cultural heritage, we find our place in the world.

Year One is a deeply transformational year. It offers the student an intense study into the world of Druidry and Nature-based spirituality. Providing experiential learning opportunities, each gathering is wrapped in ritual with study and mentoring between weekends. Year One includes rites such as the “wren’s nest”, stone spiral, forest vigil, water blessing and participating in the annual Weaving ritual. The final rite of the year is one of acknowledgment and witness to the progress made, but also a statement of what we intend for our lives moving forward from this course – not an ending, but rather the beginning.

The 2024 Druid College is filled. Registration for 2025 will open next spring.

Dates for Maine course:

Introduction Zoom Call
December 10th, 10:00am – Noon

In Person Weekends
January 26th – 29th
March 22nd – 24th
June 21st – 23rd
August 16th – 18th
October 4th – 6th

Between gathering Q&A online sessions (10:00am – Noon)
February 11th, April 21st, May 19th, July 21st, Sept 22nd

Year one studies include:

Core principles and teachings of Druidry, Living with Honour, Mud roots and Blood roots, Animism and the Spirits of Place, Listening and Druid meditation, Awen and the cycle of creativity, Working with the Nemeton, Storytelling and the Poetic arts, The Cycle of Life and the “Wheel of the Year”, Working with the Gods/Deity, Anarchism and the end of Submission, Emotions and “riding the energies”.