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Mystery, Honor, and InspirationMystery, Honor, and InspirationMystery, Honor, and Inspiration

About Us

Welcome to the Druid College

The Druid College is dedicated to Earth-centered spirituality, to the integrity of our natural home, and to the crafting of sacred relationship.

In short, The College devotes its presence—and it is its sole intent—to prepare priests of

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Year One

Reweaving our Broken Connection to the Land and our Ancestors

We begin with a deep dive into the core principles of Druidry. The course will cover the three aspects of druid training, exploring the gifts and crafts of the Bard, Ovate,

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Year Two

Shapeshifting and the Arts of Transformation

Having journeyed a full year reweaving our connection to Nature and our ancestors, rooting ourselves in the land we dwell in, year two is dual in nature.

We move into realms of myth and transformation. We

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Year Three

Priesthood Training

The nature of year three is that of being in the role as priests. We envision this year as one of walking the path and sharing those activities the staff and other apprentices, learning from each other and acknowledging

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