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About Us

Welcome to the Druid College

The Druid College is dedicated to Earth-centered spirituality, to the integrity of our natural home, and to the crafting of sacred relationship.

In short, The College devotes its presence—and it is its sole intent—to prepare priests of Nature.

Foundations for this life-long journey are established by a three-year, intensive study. Unlike contemporary universities, Druid studies are furthered not only by personal reflection but primarily by ongoing personal connection and spiritual guidance of (i.e., apprenticeship to) a Druid Priest.

There are many Druid Orders and other pagan and earth-based organizations that offer solid training within their respective traditions. The Druid College is for those who wish to journey further. We wish to work with those who want to be ‘carriers’ of Nature-based spirituality – as compared to ‘followers’. We saw a need for a program for people who desire to go deeper, for those who wish to be in service, to fill the role of priest for their community and the land they dwell in.

The College accepts as first-year apprentices people of all walks and intent. The focus the first year is on the the fundamentals of Druidry and reweaving our personal connection to Earth and to our ancestors and heritage. The College does not expect the beginning apprentice to fully know all of the shape of their spiritual path, but it does want the incoming apprentice to commit to the journey of discovery. This program will be of value to anyone walking an Nature-based path. Commitment to the full program is not required in order to join in the first year of training.

Our second year training is reserved for those who desire to continue their journey into the priesthood, to step into the role of priests of Nature, to serve the land and its people. Our program is one of preparing people to be in service, such as prison ministry, working with the dying, or being a priest of the land, offering healing where there is desecration. While most programs are for those wanting to take a journey in personal exploration, the full Druid College program is for those who have journeyed and discovered they are ready to take up the mantle of service, to be a priest of Nature.

The Druid College is not an accredited college and offers no degree program.