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The Weaving – More Info

The location for this year’s Weaving is Mark P. Emery Road, Buxton, Maine. There is no cost for attending. We ask that you bring a food dish to share. We ask that you commit to the full day’s activities but do understand if people cannot avoid arriving late or leaving early. Please discuss this with us if this is the case. The day’s activities will begin at 4:00pm and should conclude by 9:00pm.

Designed to be the counterpart to Beltane on the Beach, this ritual is open to everyone. That said, since we will be engaging in trance work, this ritual is not child friendly, and we won’t have children’s activities. This will be a ritual of deep inner work, sharing and celebration. We don’t want to set an age limit but anyone attending needs to be able to focus on the work at hand. It isn’t a place for young members of the community who need to be supervised. We will leave it up to the parents to decide if their minor is mature enough to attend such a rite.

As we stated before, “This is not a passive ritual where a few people lead and others witness. This will be an expression of perfect equality as we all work to open our souls to the spirits of the land, to each other, and to the gods. The strength of this ritual will rest on what we are able build together as equals.” This cannot be understated. When we gather, we grow stronger.

Please park along Mark P. Emery Road. The driveway will not accommodate everyone’s car. Those who need handicap parking, please drive slowly down the driveway and park close to the house. We will assist those who need help right to the ritual space. To be environmentally conscious, we ask that people share rides as much as possible.

Here is a link to a Google map to the event. From Haines Meadow Road, turn onto Mark P. Emery Road. Drive down the dirt road and cross the brook. There will be signs.