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Druid College - Fifth Annual Weaving - October 1st, Buxton, Maine

The Weaving - A Pagan Rite of Vision

Song lines entwine.  Ancient stories, ever new on misty breath.
Air feeds sacred Fire,
Warming our hearts and giving honor to our elders.
Ancestors called to witness. Dancers whirl.
Soul touching Soul touching Soul, we weave a Pagan place.
Our tribe prays for Vision.


We welcome all to the fourth annual Weaving – A Pagan Rite of Vision, Saturday, October 1, 2016 in Buxton, Maine.

The ritual rounds will be as follows:
1. Ecstatic Body Posture, also known as Ritual Trance Induction
2. Mask Trance Dance
3. The Weaving Song and Circle Dance
4. Vision Sharing


This ritual dance was designed to be the counterpart to Beltane on the Beach held annually at Popham Beach in Maine. Where Beltane is an outward celebration of renewal, this dance is the inward journey as we all prepare for the darkest part of the year. This is a ritual of community and vision. Together as a tribe we will gather for deep ritual, diving into the realm of myth and metaphor, praying for vision for the benefit of our pagan tribe.


The Weaving is built upon crafting a sacred space where we all find soul deep connection to the land, the people and the Divine. From this place of sanctity, we will reach for vision, not for ourselves, but for the benefit of the entire community. Many of us work in the realm of trance and vision but it is almost always deep personal work or for someone close to us. This ritual will be for our greater tribe.


We hope you will join us for this beautiful rite as we dance together, weaving intention, honoring our heritage, our ancestors of blood and spirit, praying for a vision to sustain us and the future generations of peoples who honor the Earth as our holy mother.


Please use the contact us form for more details or go to the registration page to register to attend. And please check back here often as we post details about the dance itself and the activities surrounding it.


Peace, beauty and inspiration,

The Druid College /|\