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Druid College - Field of Awen
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Druid College
Rev. James Lawer, Provost
10 Park Ave., #24-D
New York, NY 10016
Phone:(917) 272-7681
Druid College
Kevin E. Emmons
17 Usher Mill Road
Hollis, Maine 04042
Phone: (207) 370-6448


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The Druid College Staff

Below is the primary staff for the Druid College course. Subject specific teachers will join us each year to enhance the teachings. Over the three-year study, supplemental teaching will include the role of the Artist, Storytelling, Permaculture, Wildfood, Geomancy, and Druidry.
Kevin Emmons

Kevin E. Emmons, Founder
I am a druid priest and a native of Maine. I’m 49 years old and have been on an earth-centered spiritual path since my early twenties. My pagan studies began in earnest in 1990, completing a year-long apprenticeship in "shamanism". Concerned with cultural appropriation, I began exploring the European pagan spiritual traditions which led me to my life path, Druidry. I am a student and colleague of Emma Restall Orr, having worked with her since 1999. I completed her year-long Living Druidry course in the Cotswolds in 2006. I refer to my craft as Animistic Druidry or Mud and Blood Druidry. I am actively involved with pagan prison ministry. Besides teaching workshops and mentoring students, I’ve worked publicly leading ritual, giving lectures and radio interviews to share my vision of Druidry. I am licensed as clergy and on the Board of Directors of the Maine Pagan Clergy Association, serving in the role of president.

Some of my other interests include music, playing guitar, photography, poetry, writing, natural building and timber framing, sustainable living, and Permaculture. My passions are exploring Nature, working with the gods, ritual, and crafting the sacred relationships that bring Awen.

James Lawer

Rev. James Lawer, Founder
I came to Druidry after traversing many different spiritual traditions, until the deep, earth-centered commonality I experienced led to a natural home as an animist Druid. I have a teaching degree and was a teacher and college professor for 12 years, including having received a Masters in Theatre. Subsequently, I received a professional degree in theology and served various spiritual communities.  Eventually took lessons from those people and shifted to focus on being a fulltime healer and spiritual consultant. I retired from the corporate world as a pagan chaplain for a non-profit hospice, then moved to New York City in part to help develop the Druid College. I maintain a private practice using trance states for healing. I bring to my work at the College many years in theatre, dance, music, writing, and ritual design, and leadership, as well as administrative directorships in those areas. I have studied with indigenous traditions in North and South America and in Europe.  In addition to the Druid College, I am a Certified Instructor and the NYC Rep for the Cuyamungue Institute (Santa Fe, NM), and the Founder of Ritual Trance Induction (RTI) in New York, within which I work and sing with the dying and with all those who seek to grow their consciousness in ways practiced by our ancestors. A favorite motto is “Dedicated to Restoring Ecstatic Wisdom.”




Sylvan Thorncraft

Sylvan Thorncraft, Facilitator
Daughter of this beautiful earth, I dwell in southern Maine, close to the tidal marsh, windy shores, and groves of oak and pine that have sung in me since I rocked inside my mother’s belly.

My own spiritual practice is built upon tending relationships. Listening to the voice of Spirit in the weeds, stones, birds, trees, clouds, each other… has always been a practice for me. As artist, I engage in creative work to express what my sensual experience of the world continues to reveal, hoping to consciously understand more layers of that knowing.

Practicing herbal healing in the wise woman tradition, I am amazed by how much the plants have to teach us. How generous and powerful they can be. Especially when we approach them as wise, complex, spiritual beings.

Journeying through an undergraduate degree in anthropology led me into ongoing studies with elders from diverse spiritual and healing traditions, and work developing and co-facilitating a women’s spirituality program. All this has been part of asking: What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be in right relationship with the ancestors, each other, and the earth? What is the nature of this numinous space that connects all creation? How can we be deeply nourished by and, in turn, offer nourishment through that connection? I welcome the opportunity to work in community and live into these questions, at this time, in this place. To remember and reconnect.