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Druid College - Field of Awen
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Druid College
Rev. James Lawer, Provost
10 Park Ave., #24-D
New York, NY 10016
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Druid College
Kevin E. Emmons
17 Usher Mill Road
Hollis, Maine 04042
Phone: (207) 370-6448


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Druid College - Year Two

Shapeshifting, Healing, and the Arts of Transformation

Sweat lodge - Casco Maine

Having journeyed a full year reweaving our connection to Nature, rooting ourselves in the land, year two leaps into realms of myth and transformation. We dive head-long into "Cerridwen's cauldron", so to speak. This is a year of working with energy, the unseen as we learn to build bridges between us, our ancestors, and the spirits of nature. This is a year of deep intuitive exploration, learning the arts of transformation and "shapeshifting" - essential tools for priests of Nature.


The use of ritual and trance is heavily emphasized in year two. Where year one was about finding our selves, working to understand edges and boundaries, year two is about crafting flexible boundaries, so that we may change and shift them as needed. Exploring potentiality, possibility and prophecy, year two is about letting go into the darkness, seeking inspiration without limits.


To quote Jim, "At one level, it is true that we are all blended and a continuum into each other. That is a function of the dark, to reveal our blended edges. But even human nature wants a sense of self separate from others, in order to create its awareness. And so a function of the light is to reveal our edges. Druids must have both. Therefore, we must live with both and develop an ethics that acknowledges and accounts for both-at-the-same-time."


This is the work of year two, bringing into balance our needs for grounded focused presence and our need for letting go of the self, and finding our place in the moment where edges all disappear. Ultimately there is no difference between these two. We learn to shift as needed based on the relationship of the moment.


Year two also focuses on developing teachers (if one chooses this role). The goal isn't simply to provide experiences for the apprentice to do their own work. We are dedicated to true equality. We train apprentices, not students. Therefore we teach people how to facilitate these same practices and sacred rites for their own students and apprentices.


Year two is very much about leadership and responsibility. Having journeyed through light and dark, through myth and metaphor, rooted firmly in the Earth, supported by our ancestors and having crafted true intimate connection with the gods, we are able to take on the role of priest, as druid, whatever the appropriate name for our work. At the center of all of this is walking with the wisdom of Nature, fed by Nature, taught by Nature, healed by Nature. Having done this work, we have the skills and potential to lead others into a sacred relationship with Nature .


Dates for Maine course:
2015 - October 30 - November 1
2016 - January 29-31, April 15-17, June 17-19, September 9-11, September 30 - October 2


Year two studies include:

The Awakened Life; Ritual Trance Induction, Crafting Sacred Ritual; Healing; Prophecy and the Seer; Defining what is meant by Applied Inspiration in Service; Ethical Leadership; Bridge-building as Peacework; Justice and Permaculture; Philosophy; Nature and Relationship to Consumption; Preparations for Declaring your “Chair”