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Druid College - Field of Awen
Druid College - Contact Us

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Druid College
Rev. James Lawer, Provost
10 Park Ave., #24-D
New York, NY 10016
Phone:(917) 272-7681
Druid College
Kevin E. Emmons
17 Usher Mill Road
Hollis, Maine 04042
Phone: (207) 370-6448


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Our Program

Druid College - Priesthood Training

The nature if year three is that of being in the role as priests. We envision this year as one of walking the path and sharing those activities the staff and other apprentices, learning from each other and acknowledging the work. More details on year three will be coming soon.


Year Three:  Practicum

Declaring your “Chair” and manifesting it locally
Purposeful Sharing in Community
Applied Trancing as Priestly Evolution
Training to Lead Ecstatic Ritual
Two large gatherings of the entire College
Ritual of Ordination